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$8.00 (Set of 2)

Approximate Size: 4.00 in x 4.00 in


Only $4.00 for each additional copy!

MADE IN USA: Designed manufactured and shipped with care from Philadelphia, PA


Our Tattoos are easy to apply and remove!

How To Apply:

- Push or cut designs out of the tattoo paper and remove the protective plastic sheet.
- Place tattoo (face down) on your skin
- Get a using a wet towel or sponge and get that sucker wet and soak your design for 3 minutes
- Slowly slide off the paper

How To Remove:

Our tattoos are also easy to remove when you are ready to take them off. Baby oil or rubbing alcohol will take them right off. Scrubbing with soap and hot water is also effective


  • Ink Daze Design(s)
  • Instructions
  • FUN!

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