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Ink Daze

Post Malone Temporary Tattoo Set

$18.00 $24.00


Halloween is better now. Great for parties, job interviews or scaring the #&$% out of your gf/bf’s parents.

Our Post Malone set has been featured in Inked Mag, Vogue, Barstool and more. Plenty of people have tried to rip it off, but our quality can't be matched. 


  • 8 Designs. 16 Tattoos Total
  • Instructions
  • Fun

      TWO SIZES OF EACH DESIGN INCLUDED: From babies to NFL linemen, we've got you covered.

      EASY TO APPLY & REMOVE: Apply using cold water. Remove using soap and hot water when the party's over - Or rock them all week long (Tattoos can last 3-8 days depending on care and placement).

      SAFE: Harmless to you, the environment and vegan sensibilities.